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Release date: January 24th, 2024
Genre: Real-time battle game.
◾️BouncyBunny - Fly, Run, and Pop!
“3 vs. 3 Real-time Blowout Battles" is an exhilarating game in which spherical units run amok across the stage. Players organize three units of their choice and engage in a variety of 3 vs. 3 real-time blowup battles. Therefore, cooperation and teamwork between players becomes advantageous.
◯ Game
BouncyBunny has two types of battles: "Normal Battles" and "NFT Challenge".
▼ Normal Battles
In Normal Battle, three players form a team and play a 3 vs. 3 battle. The game is then played a maximum of three times to determine the winner. This means that each user must have 3 units to participate in a Normal Battle. The winning team will earn more season points, B-points, etc. Season points determine the ranking, and depending on the ranking position, users can earn DEAPcoins. (Dpoints obtained in exchange for DEAPtickets), which can be converted into DEAPcoin, and other luxurious rewards according to ranking position. B-points can also be exchanged for various items at the item store.
▼ NFT Challenge Battle
NFT Challenge Battle is a battle using NFT units. These are individual battles in a battle royale format. There are four types of NFT Challenge Battles: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. To participate, you will need six NFT units of the rarity corresponding to the course you wish to join.
◾️Example: To participate in an Epic NFT Challenge Battle, you must have at least 6 units of the rarity Epic.
◾️The rarity of NFT units is "Common < Rare < Epic < Legendary".
◾️In the NFT Challenge, you will earn Dpoints that can be converted into DEAPcoin according to your ranking in each round. The higher the rank, the more Dpoints you can earn!🔥
◯ Units
In BouncyBunny, there are regular units and NFT units.
▼ How to Acquire Units:
Normal units: Scouting with materials NFT units: Purchased in the marketplace
▼ Status:
All units have three statuses: Attack, Defense, and Speed, and there are three types: Power Type, Speed Type, and Balance Type. The statuses are higher for NFT units than for regular units, and the statuses are also enhanced by training the units.
▼ Active Skills / Passive Skills
NFT units have "active skills / passive skills" that allow them to activate unit-specific skills during the game.
⭐ ️Passive skills are also possessed by regular units.
▼ Training
Units can be strengthened by attaching gear and using pieces.
◯ In-game Items
B points: Points that can be exchanged for items in regular battles. Season points: Points that can be earned in regular battles and used as a ranking indicator. Dpoints: Points earned in NFT Challenge battles that can be exchanged for DEAPtickets. DEAPticket: Points that can be exchanged for DEAPcoin, which can be earned by winning in the rankings. Gear: Items to be equipped on units Pieces: Items needed to strengthen units Materials: Items required to scout units