NFT Overview

The NFTs traded on PlayMining can be used in various ways in each game. Holders will gain in-game advantages and increase the rewards they earn. Moreover, some NFTs can be used in multiple PlayMining

"JobTribes" NFT

Featuring "Job Lord" characters as NFTs.
Possessing an NFT greatly increases the stats of in-game cards (Amulets), giving you in-game advantages. As of now, more than 100 creators from around the world, starting with world-famous Japanese manga artists, illustrators, and animators, have contributed their artwork for NFT use.
Participating Creators (Partly excerpted, No particular order, Honorifics omitted) *As of 2021/11/xx
Past Works
1) Mikimoto Haruhiko
“TV anime – Super Dimension Fortress Macross(Character Design)” ”Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress(Character Design)”
2) Hiramatsu Shinji
“Black Angels”
3) Ayamine Rando
“GetBackers: Recovery Service”
4) Shintani Kaoru
“Area 88”
5) Saeki Kayono
6) Egawa Tatsuya
“Magical Taluluto”
7) Ogawa Etsushi
“Chuuka Ichiban – Chinese Cooking Master”
8) Yamaji Hidenori
“Marry Grave” ”Soara and Monster’s House”
9) Asamiya Kia
“Silent Mobius”, “Steam Detectives”, “My Favorite Carrera”, "SPEOPE!”
10) Fujiwara Kamui
“Dragon Quest Biography -Emblem of Roto”
11) Ito Keiichiro
“Mad Max: Fury Road(Pamphlet illustrations)”
12) Ebihara Takeshi
“Miss Machiko”
13) Chi You
14) Nishii Terumi
“JUJUTSU KAISEN (Cheif Animation Director)” “Animation – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable(Character Design)”
15) Kanai Tatsuo
“Hole in One”
16) Kaida Yuji
“Mobile Suit Gundam” Series (Plastic Model Packaging Art)”
17) Hagiwara Kazushi
“Bastard!!: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy”
18) Minagawa Ryoji
19) Ando Keishu
“Hentai Kamen”
20) Motomiya Hiroshi
“Salaryman Kintarou”
21) Morita Takashi
22) Doi Takayuki
“Momotaro Dentetsu ”
23) ume
24) Mashima Hiro
25) Igarashi Yumiko
26) Tsukiyama Kaya
“The Knight in the Area”
27) Miyashita Akira
“Sakigake!! Otokojuku”
28) Ogata Kouji
“Boogiepop wa Warawanai” “Maou-sama, Retry!”
29) Azuma Takeshi
“Ultimate Otaku Teacher”
30) MonoKubo
“TV anime – Magical Girl Ore(Ending Visuals)” “Megalophilia”(Art work)”
31) Miyuki Ruria
“Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan” “Reign of the Seven Spellblades” “The Greatest Magicmaster's Retirement Plan”
32) Fuzichoco
“Magical Mirai 2020(Key Visual)”
33) fuumi
Management of Novice Alchemist ” “Tsunomaki Watame (Virtual YouTuber design)”
34) Fujima Takuya
“Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid” “TV Anime – Warlords of Sigrdrifa(Character Draft)”
35) Tanaka Kenichi
“Lycee Overture Ver.Fate/Grand Order 2.0(Card illustration)”
36) muraicchi
“Force of Will (Card illustration)”
37) Endou Minari
“Maria Holic”, “Dazzle”
38) Koume Keito
“Spice and Wolf”
39) Sakura Yuki
40) Nanaroku
“Zettaini Hatarakitakunai Dungeon Master ga Damin wo Musaboru Made(Comicalize)” “Panzermaedchen(Art book)”
41) Jikeshi
“Fate/Grand Order(Character illustration)”
42) Kenny Ruiz
“Team Phoenix”
43) Belén Ortega
44) Olivier Vatine
45) Tony VALENTE
46) Reno Lemaire
47) Mirka Andolfo
48) Ntocha
A game and character designer, illustrator, and comic artist living in France..
“Nisio Isin’s Monogataric series(Cover Illustration)”
50) Pajapol
An illustrator based in the Philippines who has shown his talent as a designer in a wide range of fields.
51) wickedalucard
A Philippines-based illustrator who has provided pictures for many game companies.
52) Asami Aoko
“Kimi to tsugai ni narenai riyu”
53) Mottun*
“Idol Incidents (Character Design)”
54) Hagiya Kaoru
“Theatrical anime - Sangokushi Taisen (Character illustration)”
55) Keishin
“Seven Days War(Theatrical Anime)”
56) Okano Takeshi
“Hell Teacher Nube”
57) Dcrossbone
58) Ishijima Jiro
“JobTribes (Comicalize)”
59) ixima
“Hatsune Miku V3V4x (Package illustration)”
Furthermore, JobTribes regularly collaborates with popular anime and manga that already exist, and sells many NFTs of famous characters.
"Time Bokan Series -Yatterman”
The second installment of the Time Bokan series. Masked hero Yatterman and the Doronbo gang of thieves travel around the world, fighting for the Skull Stone that hides the location of the world's largest deposit of gold. The ultimate Tatsunoko comedy anime that cemented the series' popularity.
"Yatterman" NFT
"Yoshitaka Amano"
One of Japan's most famous illustrators, holding numerous solo exhibitions both in Japan and overseas. With a delicate and alluring style, he is known for fantastic works, especially the world-famous "Final Fantasy" franchise where he headed character design. His talent knows no limits, and he works in stage art and costume design too.
"Yoshitaka Amano" NFT
"Cardfight! Vanguard"
"Cardfight! Vanguard" is a highly popular trading card game developed by Bushiroad Inc. Its popularity reaches far beyond the TCG franchise, and has sprawled out into media including manga, console games, apps, and anime. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the game's launch, and it has gained popularity worldwide in countries such as Singapore and China.
”Pirate Space Cobra"
Famous manga artist Buichi Terasawa's famous science fiction portraying the adventures of a space pirate. Serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha) from 1978 to 1984, it is a highly popular manga which has since been published in various other comic magazines. Having also been made into a TV anime, the massive franchise has fans all over the world, having sold more than 50 million copies worldwide.
"Give my regards to Black Jack"
It is a popular medical manga by popular manga artist "Shuho Sato" that depicts the current situation of university hospitals and medical facilities in Japan. This story depicts the problems and contradictions of the medical system that occur in the field from the perspective of a resident doctor who grows up while struggling with patients and their families. Its popularity was not limited to manga, and in 2003, it was made into a TV drama by a TBS affiliate.
"Black Jack"NFT
Kaiji is a very popular manga series by Japanese manga artist Nobuyuki Fukumoto. It depicts a young man who has been living a self-destructive life, but after incurring a large amount of debt, he takes on various gambling challenges. The series continues with "Gambling Apostasy Kaiji," "Gambling Outcast Kaiji," and "Gambling Outcast: Kaiji - The Kazuya Arc" which began its series in the 11th issue of Weekly Young Magazine in 1996 and continues to be popular today. The popularity of the series is not limited to just the manga, with anime airing in 2007-2008 and 2011, and live-action movies directed by Toya Sato and starring Tatsuya Fujiwara released in 2009, 2011, and 2019 under the titles "Kaiji: Life Turn-Around Game," "Kaiji 2: Life Recovery Game," and "Kaiji: Final Game."
"Dragon Zakura 2 , Investor Z"
■Dragon Zakura 2
Ten years have passed since the miraculous reconstruction of the school. Sakuragi receives the news that the number of students accepted to Tokyo University from Ryuzan High School has once again dropped to zero. Sakuragi, who has succeeded in becoming a board member of the school, makes a speech in front of the whole school to encourage the students. However, the students are unresponsive. Sakuragi's approach does not work with today's children. ......?!Sequel to the legendary "Dragon Zakura," the manga that changed Japan's university entrance exams!"Getting into Tokyo University is as easy as ever!!"
■Investor Z
"What's the Money?" Takashi Zaizen was accepted at the top of his class at Dojuku Gakuen High School, an ultra-preparatory school that has been in existence for 130 years. The day after the entrance ceremony, the secret of the school was revealed to Zaizen. Only the top six students in each grade are allowed to participate in the "Investment Club". Their mission is to invest 300 billion yen and generate a yield of 8% or more. That is why Dojuku Gakuen High School, which boasts Japan's highest level of educational facilities, offers free tuition!"The most exciting game on earth, the ultimate competition that makes human blood boil the most...... it's money, it's investment."
"Dragon Zakura 2 , Investor Z"NFT
"Nangoku Shonen PAPUWA , Jibaku-kun"
Nangoku Shonen PAPUWA
One of the members of the assassin organization the Gamma Army, Shintaro, escapes with a mysterious "secret stone" for his younger brother. Shintaro eventually arrives at the isolated island of Papuwa. When he encounters a mysterious boy named Papuwa and his dog Chappie, Shintaro's secret stone is taken away from him and he is forced to work as a servant. Furthermore, the island is inhabited by creatures (namamono) that can speak human language. Shintaro spends his days without a moment's peace of mind, until finally the evil hand of the Gamma Army reaches out to him. Can Shintaro return to his brother?
A fantasy action story about a boy who travels around the world with the goal to conquer the world. Baku who lives in "Fasta," the first of the twelve world, is rescued by the Great Child of Primas (GC), En when he was attacked by the Monster Troublemakers. Upon hearing that Baku's dream of conquering the world, En chooses him as his successor. Thus Baku becomes a Great Child and acquires Jibaku, the spirit of the first world. One year later, Baku, a GC of the World One sets off on an adventure across the worlds to make his dream come true. Together with two friends, he travels around the 12 worlds to the Tower of Needles!
"Nangoku Shonen PAPUWA , Jibaku-kun"NFT
“Giga Tokyo Toybox”
Momo Momoda is a cheerful Kansai girl who wants to become a game creator. She was barely hired by Studio G3, a game production company that includes the famous Taiyo Tenkawa. What awaits the apprentice planner Momo is real-life training days that make her realize the difference between a dream and a reality...! The 24/7 video game fanatic Taiyo, who only thinks about fun games, Hoshino Tsukiyama, who is career driven but has hidden hobbies and other unique characters are all burning their passion for game in a corner of Akiba today!
"Giga Tokyo Toybox" NFT

"PlayMining Puzzle x JobTribes" NFT

In PlayMining Puzzle, players may use almost all "JobTribes" NFTs, with access to the all-new "Puzzle-Ranger Series" of NFTs that is natively offered. NFT owners can earn score bonuses in gameplay and use character-specific special moves, making it easier to aim for high scores. The "Puzzle-Ranger series" has its own unique scenarios and video content, with plans to continue providing a cariety of material as "The first NFT idol project".
"PuzzleRangers" NFT

"LuckyFarmer" NFT

In LuckyFarmer, players may use almost all "JobTribes" NFTs, with access to the all-new "Puzzle-Ranger Series" of NFTs that is natively offered. NFT holders can customize the background art, background music, and the characters that appear on-screen, as well as gain gameplay score bonuses.
"LuckyFarmer" NFT