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■Graffiti Racer

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Release date: October 31st, 2022

Genre: Coloring Book x Racing

Casual racing meets Coloring book! The first racing game on the PlayMining platform, Graffiti Racer!

Graffiti Racer is an innovative "Coloring x Racing" game where players face off with characters painted by themselves. Anyone can create their own unique character by coloring in an image. Users are given a rough sketch NFT to colour in and race with. We hope to reach a wide range of users, from the casual player to the enthusiast, with our intuitive tap-and-flick gameplay as well as the assortment of character features we offer in colouring and augmentation. By motivating people to own more NFTs and carefully designing the connections to the scholarship system, we also encourage the expansion of the DEAPcoin economy.


Each sheet has its own passive skills called abilities, and abilities are effective only when they are expressed. Abilities have a genetic component called an ability factor, and their characteristics are passed on to the next generation through breeding. In order to express stronger abilities, trial and error in breeding is necessary.


By tapping or flicking the screen, you can change the race you are running by controlling your character, taking items and avoiding obstacles to score points. The character with the highest score wins the race until his or her stamina runs out. Each character has its own attributes, and the key is to choose the character with the right attributes for the course. The key to victory lies in the timing and compatibility of skills and courses.


Each seat has its own active skill, which can be activated by tapping it during the race. Skills can be changed by setting NFTs from other games. This provides a fun way to experiment with skills by setting different NFTs, and also stimulates NFT trading across the platform.

〇Coloring Pages

By coloring in the film on the NFT (sheet) that serves as a rough sketch, the character will be able to run in races. Since the character's status changes depending on the coloring, it is necessary to paint well. You can also buy films painted by other users in the game.

〇Racing Points

You need to earn race points to participate in races. When you run out of race points, you will not be able to participate in the race, so you need to repeat coloring regularly.

〇Ranking Race

A ranking race will be held periodically. The top ranked players will be rewarded with DEAPcoin and race coins. This will be set as a central part of the game cycle for the top players.

〇Character Enhancement

You can use Race Coins to strengthen (level up) your character. Since Race Coins cannot be purchased with DEAPcoin and must be earned by repeatedly running races, this feature will make the scholarship system more active.

〇Breeding function

You can acquire new NFTs by designating two NFTs that have met a certain level of performance and spending the breed points, DEAPcoin, and race coins that have been granted to the NFTs. Since the NFTs acquired through this system are limited NFTs that can only be acquired through breeding, this will stimulate motivation to repeatedly breed = motivation to acquire NFTs for use in breeding.

〇Scholarship System

We are also planning to support a scholarship system. Owners will be able to lend NFTs to scalpers to run races on their behalf.

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