Cookin' Burger

■Cookin' Burger
Release date: Aug 15th, 2022 (open beta version)
Genre: Multitasking cooking game
PlayMining's first 3rd-party title, "Cookin' Burger"Cookin' Burger is the first 3rd party game on the PlayMining platform. Cookin' Burger is a multi-tasking cooking game in which the players take orders from customers, prepare ingredients, cook and serve them. Set in an internationally familiar burger shop, the seemingly simple game requires players to learn various receipes and think of a more efficient cooking sequences, just as if they were running an actual restaurant.
〇Store Facilities
The user can own a store by buying NFTs. The stores range in grade, and the player chooses the store that fits their skill level, from inexpensive food stalls with simple cooking sequences, to large stores that are expensive and difficult to run but offer great returns.
〇In-game Purchases
Users can purchase in-game items such as cooking utensils with real money. These items sport a variety of effects that give you an edge in-game.
〇Reputation System
The shop NFTs have a parameter called "Reputation" and it can benefit in many ways from remembering customers' orders and preferences and serving them quickly. More regular customers will increase repeat business and boost sales and reputation, but if you make a mistake in their order, the order is not cooked properly, or the food is not served within the time limit, etc., will cause your reputation to suffer.
〇Scholarship System
NFT owners can hire part-time workers (scholars) to play the game in their stead. As the scholars become more adept in playing, handling more orders and making business boom, other stores will be able to recruit them on better terms. The owner enjoys growing his enterprise by employing increasingly talented scholars.