Lucky Farmer

■Lucky Farmer
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Release date: November 14th, 2022
Genre: Coin Pusher Game
Lucky Farmer is a coin pusher game where medals are pushed by a push board and dropped into a wagon in front. You can win large amounts of medals in the in-game slots and BINGO and you can regularly earn DEAPcoin by participating in the "rankings". In addition, if you have farmland NFTs set up, you can win a large amount of DEAPcoin in Fever Time if you get three 7s aligned in the slots. DEAPcoin can be used to purchase game items that will help you advance in the game.
〇Coin Pusher Game
You can win medals by dropping medals into the pockets in front of you. You increase your chances of winning medals by putting medals in the wagon which spins the slot.
〇There are seven images for the slot patterns. ・7... Enters fever time.
・Crop: Crop grows on the field.
・Eggs: Eggs, with which BINGO numbers can be obtained, are dropped on the field.
・Lightning: Lightning strikes and vibrates the field.
・Mole: A mole jumps out from the center of the field.
・Medal Shower: A shower of medals falls on the field.
・Chickens: Pet's skill gets activated.
When you match a crop pattern in the slot, crops will grow on the field. Crops have growth stages and can be harvested when they are fully grown. To harvest the crops, swipe and drop them onto the field. Note that when a new crop is aligned in the slot machine, the unharvested fully grown crops will be automatically harvested.
Farmland NFTs can be set to increase the opportunities to earn DEAPcoin and participate in high-stake rankings. Character NFTs can be set for in-game icons, character avatars, background music and backgrounds. The combination of farmland and characters can be used to your advantage in the game. Please check out PlayMining NFT to see which NFTs work for Lucky Farmer.
There are four types of items in total.
・Fence...Block to prevent falling from the side
・Medal pusher...Pushes medals and other items to the front.
・Claw...Catches crops and eggs when you select them.
・Wide wagon...The chucker extends to make it easier to get medals.
There are two types of ranking: Owner Ranking, in which you can win high prizes by having a farmland NFT set, and Regular Ranking, in which you can play for free even if you do not have an NFT.
・Regular Ranking: You can participate in this ranking for free.
・Owner Ranking: You can participate in this ranking by setting farmland NFT. The prize money is higher than the regular ranking.
〇Types of Ranking
There are two types of ranking and the targets to be counted are different for each ranking.
Prize money will be distributed according to ranking positions for both Owner and Regular Rankings. The amount of DEAPcoin that can be won differs between the Owner Ranking and the Regular Ranking. DEAPcoin can be earned according to the ranking positions in the weekly ranking. To receive DEAPcoin, you must have a PlayMining ID registered in PlayMining NFT and a Wallet created by the end of the ranking period.
Bingo cards are filled by obtaining eggs with numbers displayed on them. If you can match the numbers vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, you will achieve a bingo and receive medals as a reward. In addition, if you fill all the bingo cards, you can challenge the jackpot chance.
〇Jackpot Chance
The Jackpot Chance allows you to play roulette for high medal reward. In addition, you can win DEAPcoin when you win the jackpot if you set the farmland NFT.