PlayMining Puzzle(The service has ended. )

■PlayMining Puzzle×JobTribes
Release date: Sep. 28th, 2020
Genre: Puzzle
PlayMining Puzzle×JobTribes is the first puzzle game on the PlayMining platform. It is a highly strategic game with simple gameplay but deep Sudoku-like gameplay that requires careful consideration of how to eliminate puzzles and when to use NFT effects.
〇How to Play
To clear a stage, tap on the blocks of the same color and drop the DEAPcoin symbol to the bottom row. By clearing a stage, you can earn game points "KESO" according to the difficulty level, and exchange them for the cryptographic asset DEAPcoin (DEP).
〇Job Lords
Job Lords can be incorporated into decks, and depending on their respective colors they can activate the following five special moves.
-Red special move
Destroys a specified block.
-Blue special move
Destroy a specified number of blocks in a horizontal row
-Yellow special move
Change one specified block to another into another block.
-Green special move
Destroy the specified block and and 8 blocks around it.
-White special move
Destroy the specified vertical row of blocks.
If you have more than one NFT in your deck, you will get more KESO when you clear the game.