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Release date: May 26th, 2020

Genre: Trading Card Game

JobTribes is the first title of the PlayMining platform, a trading card game where players collect amulets called "Job Lords" that symbolize various professions. The service was launched in May 2020 and achieved MAU of about 40,000 in September 2021. Players are steadily increasing. In addition, we are planning to introduce the Scholarship system in December 2021, and expect the number of users to expand dramatically.



An ordinary young man, Ryu Niito, finds that a certain incident has taken him into the world of “JobTribes”, a game that he often plays. There, jobs exist as gods, and people control these Job Lords to battle each other in this fantasy world, “Job World”.

Through his adventures with a mysterious girl called Celica, other unique friends, and many Job Lords, Niito discovers his destiny and the hidden mysteries of this world.

〇Creators The creators of JobTribes include Kibayashi Shin for the main story production (The New Kindaichi Files, Drop of God, etc.), Mikimoto Haruhiko for main character design (TV anime "Super Dimension Fortress Macross", ”Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress", etc.), and other world's leading cartoonists and illustrators. Many more famous artists will be joining our project.

Past IP Collaborations

Wide range of collaborations with present Anime and Manga.

“Time-Bokan series Yatterman”

“Cardfight! Vanguard”


“Nangoku Shonen PAPUWA”

“Mobile Police Patlabor”

“Giga Tokyo Toybox”

“Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai”

Creators working with us on illustrations (partially extracted, titles omitted/random order)

Fujiwara Kamui “Dragon Quest Biography -Emblem of Roto”

Ayamine Rando "GetBackers: Recovery Service"

Egawa Tatsuya "“Magical☆Taluluto”

Hagiwara Kazushi "Bastard!!: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy"

Minagawa Ryoji "Spriggan"

Asamiya Kia "Silent Mobius"

Ando Keishu “Hentai Kamen”

Ogawa Etsushi “Chuuka Ichiban – Chinese Cooking Master”


Shintani Kaoru "Area 88"

Saeki Kayono "Hi no ryosen"

Ebihara Takeshi "Miss Machiko"

Mashima Hiro "FAIRY TAIL"

Okano Takeshi "Hell Teacher Nube"

〇Job Lords

JobTribes features a set of unique characters called Job Lords. Job Lords represent various occupations, such as those familiar to many people around the world, to culturally or geographically specific occupations. In JobTribes, every profession you can think of from all over the world will appear one after another.

〇 Recruitment

Get a new Job Lord by recruiting them. In addition to adding new Job Lords to your deck, you can use the same Job Lord cards to power up their levels. Job Lords have various skills and compatibility. By understanding each Job Lord's abilities and strength, you can broaden your tactics and create chances to win, even against tough opponents.


"JobTribes" is a trading card battle game in which you can tactically select which Job Lord to call during battles, and aim to defeat your opponents. Get ready for the battle by building a deck with 6 cards. Summon Job Lords and use skills! Win the battle by defeating all of your opponent's Job Lords!


A good tactic for the game is to make good use of the unique “skills” of the Job Lords. Various skills are featured in the game; skills that reduce the remaining life points of the opponent with powerful attacks, skills that cause various state changes, etc. To use the “skills” you need to pay a certain amount from your budget, so you need to be able to judge the situation and know your Job Lords well.


DEAPcoin is a cryptocurrency issued by Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA). Users of JobTribes can earn DEAPcoin through various manners, and they can use it to purchase NFTs. In the JobTribes World, DEAPcoins are said to be a token of supreme value, one which can withstand the test of time and space, a token that can be valuable forever, and for infinity. To collect DEAPcoin in the JobTribes world, means that people can make their wishes come true.


PALEcoin is the in-game currency of JobTribes and can be exchanged for DEAPcoin or used for leveling up. PALEcoin is a sub-currency in JobTribes and is a means to obtain DEAPcoin. The objective of all people in JobTribes is to collect PALEcoin to exchange with DEAPcoin.


‐PvP Arena

This is a menu where you can play against other players around the world in real time. If you get to the top of the ranking, you can get a large amount of PALEcoin, DEAPcheck, enhance items and other gorgeous rewards.


This is a practice mode to get used to the rules of PvP. No stamina is consumed, but no rewards are given.


This mode allows you to enjoy real-time battles with other players. Stamina is consumed for each play. If no matching is made, no stamina is consumed. You can get PvPpoints by winning and PALEcoin and enhancing item by achieving high rankings.

‐PvP point

PvP points are used to determine your ranking in PvP. The more PvP points you earn, the higher you will be in the weekly and monthly rankings.。

〇 Development Roadmap

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