Third-party development

As a GameFi platform, PlayMining will be able to accept and offer not only its own games, but also third party game titles to its users, thereby further enriching its content lineup and expanding its economic reach.

On PlayMining, third parties can issue and sell original NFTs and in-game items, and distribute DEAPcoin as gameplay rewards, creating a unique token economy for each game.

In addition, third party games can connect to the various APIs provided in PlayMining, easily incorporating the functions of NFT games without requiring any special development. Viewing NFT information and manipulating it, selling items and distributing rewards through DEAPcoin, and even utilizing the scholarship function are possible.

Infrastructure functions that can be provided (partial list)

〇PlayMining NFT

A place to issue and sell original NFTs. Automatic allocation of revenue to the wallets of NFT rights holders (creator, etc.).


The NFT API enables various operations related to NFT, such as acquiring data on what NFTs users possess, and borrowing and lending NFTs between users.


Various operations related to the use of DEAPcoin are possible, such as selling items using DEAPcoin, and distributing them as gameplay rewards.

〇PlayMining Scholarship function (To be provided in the future)

The PlayMining Scholarship function will enable users to sign scholarship contracts, borrow and lend NFTs, and will automatically distribute gameplay rewards.This feature will prevent absconding with NFTs and reward money, and will fully support players and scholars to play the games without any uncertainty.

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